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    • [AoS] allgemeiner Thread

      Von Bell of Lost Souls, über Umwege (Warseer) bei TTW gelandet:

      I had the chance to spend
      about 20 minutes with the upcoming book Age of Sigmar by A. Lanning (a
      novel, not the game) that deals with the aftermath of the end times. The
      prologue makes it very clear that Sigmar survives and the whole plot
      takes place after the end times. Nothing that I have read suggests that
      there is any time travel involved. It is just a continuation of the
      story on a much broader scale. I think it is safe to say that the game
      of the same name follows the story of book and doesn't establish a
      totally different setting.

      In the prologue Sigmar survives and pulls the winds of magics through
      the gap into the warp. In the process the pure untouched currents of the
      warp are tainted with the personifications of the winds - the
      Incarnates. This is the birth of eight new minor gods. But most of the
      book is not about sigmar or the incarnate gods directly, only three
      chapters as far as I could see were written from their perspective. The
      rest of the book is an ordinary fantasy adventure story. The book
      follows Martellus Mann, a reikguard quartermaster who was slain in the
      end times, but is reborn in Sigmarshall, the domain of Sigmar. I then
      skipped some hundred pages forward so I don't know what happened in the
      aftermath, but in the middle of the book, he has gathered a large party
      of heroes from many realms and realities in a quest for something called
      the spirit mill or soul mill or something like this. I know for sure
      that there are several worlds and that the protagonist can travel from
      one to the other but I didn't read a chapter where this was described in
      person and I don't know if this is part of the game world. In the
      middle of the books there is a huge betrayal, sigmarshall is under siege
      by the armies of the chaos gods. incarnate fights against incarnate and
      all are cast out from the warp. Mann starts a search for sigmar in the
      believe that he was reborn somewhere. The second half of the book is set
      on a world called Regalia. And here it gets interesting: Regalia is the
      only area/realm/world that has a map in the book. Regalia looks like
      the old world or earth and has very familiar regions and city names,
      etc. But there are some huge alterations: there is no Ulthuan, but a
      huge landbridge that connects Canada with Scandinavia. There are no
      elven or dwarven sounding cities or lands but strange sounding names in
      the Americas and Africa that don't fit any race of the old setting.
      There is no empire, but lots of different states in Europe and Asia -
      Nuln, Middenheim, etc are there, but Altdorf is not. There are more
      things you can deduce from the map if you assume that it represents the
      setting of the game, which I strongly think it does. Mann finally
      arrives in the city Heldenheim that is build in the Worlds Edge
      Mountains just in time to visit the crowning of emperor Karl Franz where
      he announces his plan to conquer the whole world. Mann thinks that he
      has found Sigmar and the book jumps to the epilog. Sigmar is chained
      somewhere and starts to dwindle, but then he smiles and proclaims that
      his great work to eliminate the chaos once and for all has only started.
      He vows to conquer the warp.
    • Mikhalia via Dakkadakka:

      So this is from GW as of a minute ago.

      I will continue to hammer my sales rep about 4 times a week, and he's promised to call me whenever new info pops up.

      -Ages of Sigmar is a new system, not necessarily WFB 8.5 or 9.0

      -Story advances after the events in Endtimes.

      -All current models will be usable. But it's a new system, so how good/bad something was in 8th isn't an indication of how it will perform in AoS.

      -Age of Sigmar is not a boardgame, is not an intro game to something larger. It's the main event.
    • belloflostsouls.net/2015/06/ag…-how-different-is-it.html


      talking with one of the colleagues at my local GW store he seemed to
      let on that they will be repackaging a large majority of the miniatures
      in new packing for AoS and with round bases instead of traditional
      square. I questioned if Nagash would still be available and his words
      were "well I can't say for certain, but they have spent a considerable
      amount of resources on creating and releasing the End Times Models" so
      I'm going to assume a repackage my not be out of the question? In
      addition to this he confirmed they will receive models 9 days prior to
      launch (didn't specify if it was the preorder launch or the hard launch
      on the 11th) so I would expect to see a few leaks.As for the new fluff
      we could just be starting back in an alternate dimension/time line of
      the original WFB meaning they could still keep and use a lot of the
      characters from previous editions.
    • Hastings über Warseer:

      My current understanding is that in the short term only a few older kits will disappear totally, most kits will be simply repackaged, and a small amount will go DS only.

      Longer term there are a lot of new kits to come out, so I'd imagine some older kits will then be retired (empire knights I seem to recall being named specifically), and as I am told the new aesthetic is quite different I doubt there'd be much call for some of the older kits anyway. Latest I heard (and I don't hear a lot these days) was that the main push for the opening months will be...... drum roll..... yep Chaos & Humans, so you can probably expect that several of the older kits from these ranges will be the first ones to go, and stay gone. What I find interesting is the amount of terrain I'm hearing is looming.... seems unprecidented especially for WFB, although I also hear that the kits are very modular so many of the tings could be combinations of kits rather than standalone kits in their own right. When the new edition comes into full swing I expect many more kits/ranges will then become much harder to buy, as some ranges I am told will not even go DS only, they'll just go.
    • SinaLeipniz (deutscher User; neuer Account) auf Dakka:

      "No, no, no. No square bases, no rank and file, no two game systems.


      I had the chance to look thoroughly through the proper Age of Sigmar
      rulebook (the one that consists of three books) yesterday evening. Spent
      my time with the three books and ignored the novel in favour of the
      real interesting things. So I cannot fill in the blanks there. But maybe
      I have the opportunity to look at the rulebook and novel again and
      hopefully the age of sigmar box, too. But now I have a way clearer
      picture what’s coming and I’d like to share with you because I am very
      (!!!) excited, but I cannot provide any photos for obvious reasons. So
      if you don’t believe me, I don’t blame you. But please don’t attack me

      - Title of the rulebook is: Age of Sigmar: a Warhammer strategy game

      - first the basics (most of which are already known):

      - full fledged rule system; no skirmish game - meaning not restricted to
      low miniature count: 50 models on average, way lower possible, in
      general you use units but you can field an army consisting of only
      single models

      - everything is on round or oval bases (there paragraph that explicitly allows legacy and diorama bases, though);

      - 2 books: the rules (rules and scenarios) and compendium (pictures, unit cards and fluff)

      - there are unit cards for every (as far as I can see) old unit in the
      second book, including warhammer forge models and most or all special
      characters. Some units get the full treatment with a small fluff text,
      pictures of the actual miniatures and rules, some units get only rules
      with nothing more.

      - all new rules with complete new mechanics: think not of 40k
      2nd -> 3rd but Warhammer 8th -> Bloodbowl, very compact and fast
      paced, huge emphasis on individual champions, magic and gods (don’t know
      how powerful, but these have the most rule pages)

      - no photos (and no artworks except some very generic drawings) of new
      miniatures except a couple chaos and human miniatures that are very
      likely from the Age of Sigmar box.

      - all the races are in, but some are clearly favored. There are few
      pictures of beastmen and lizardmen for example and some units like
      steamtanks, gunpowder units (Skaven and new-dwarfs use them still), etc.
      can only be fielded as mercenaries from a different world or summoned
      units (in case of most special characters, there is even a picture of a
      Teclis painted in ghost colors)

      - the tech level is between and ancient roman empire and early medieval
      times, lots of nomadic barbarian tribes, etc. But judging by to the age
      of sigmar miniatures the armour design draws only a little bit from
      history and is has a very stylized high-fantasy design instead

      - there are lots of different people, races, gods and lots of different
      alliances. The world is a lot more open minded than the old one,
      Empire-Orc Alliance would be unthinkable, but a human-waaghkin force is
      nothing unusual in this setting

      Army building

      - you pick one or more gods that determine the theurgic or magic schools
      (don’t know what the difference is, sorry) you can use and how your
      champions get power-ups during the game. You can take several gods, but
      they have to be from the same pantheon - so no nurgle-sigmar armies, but
      Nagash-Morr is possible.Then you choose whichever unit you want - from
      every race. There is no limit as far as I can tell.

      - The only mechanic that I have spotted that limits the useful choices
      somehow is that most spells and special rules only affect units with
      certain traits, the powers of Grimgor (magic and gods are always
      connected, each lore has a patron god that grants the power) affects
      only mortals or enemy units in the proximity of mortals.

      - There are only rules for one pantheon in the rule book, all the other gods and pantheons are only mentioned in the fluff

      - Guardians of Regalia, a conglomerate native spirits and gods and
      lately some new gods, the incarnates Grimgor, Gelt and Nagash, there are
      thousand of gods and their relevance changes over time and in different
      regions, but there are seven big gods that have seven schools of magic
      associated with them and have rules in the book

      - Geshemet or Gesheket or something like this (male and female,
      fertility, natural disaster) is the head of the pantheon, the other six
      gods are dual pair of good and evil:

      two death gods: Nagahs and Morr

      two smith and labour gods: Hashut and Gelt

      two war gods: Grimgor and Myrmidia

      - five other pantheon get a page of fluff each, and additional minor
      pantheons/deities are mentioned in the fluff. The big five are Chaos,
      Sigmar, Cuth’adai (elven gods), Exoatl (old ones) and the triumvi-rats
      (Horned Rat + 2 more)

      - all characters can earn favor of their gods and get promoted just like
      the chaos champions until they reach apotheosis, this is also a huge
      mechanic in the game + you can field gods or at least their avatars, but
      only three incarnates have rules in the book


      - there is only one ruleset (don’t know what is in the AoS box, but in
      the book there is no distinction between skirmish mode and battle mode
      or something like this)

      - rules have nothing to do with the old warhammer rules,

      - profile is: Melee, Range, Might, Armour, Initiative, Resolve, Wounds, values from 1-6, lower is better

      - simple turn sequence: initiative -> player 1 unit 1 moves, shoots,
      casts -> p1 unit 2 moves, shoots, casts -> ... -> player 2
      moves, shoots, casts -> melee

      - players roll always against each other, for example Melee vs Initiative and Range vs Initiative, Might vs Armour

      - units regenerate all lost wounds at the end of the phase

      - both sides in a melee fight simultaneously, winner can roll to fight
      instantaneously another round until one side is extinct or one side
      chooses to break from the combat

      - there is no moral system or combat resolution whatsoever, but unit can be bounced back

      - units use a 1” 40k formation without any facing

      - magic spells are all one-use only, when you use it, you have to discard the card

      - you can collect ascension points throughout the game and spend the
      point to buff your champions, mechanic depends on your god(s)

      - unit costs points as before, you are not allowed to field multiple
      units of the same kind unless the former unit have full strength - there
      are all kinds of unit sizes from 1-3 to 3-15 (that’s the highest I have
      seen), but you can field lots of different 1-man units

      - you don’t buy champions, a set number of models are automatically upgraded to champions, but you cannot exceed the limit

      - there are rules for different weapons, magic items, war engines,
      monsters, special rules, etc and a large section for scenarios and
      terrain, larger than the actual rules
    • Zweiter Teil:


      game is set on world Regalia that is connected with other young realms
      through portals of the old ones. Young realms are realms that were
      populated by the old creators and were guided on similar historical
      paths. They were untouched by chaos but this has changed since the
      arrival of sigmar (as a new faith) and archaon (as an actual emissary in
      flesh and blood)

      there is no explanation (or just a brief one so that I have missed it)
      how this all came to be, just a description of the history of Regalia
      (and to a lesser extent some neighbouring realms)

      On Regalia is dominated by hundreds of human kingdoms. Fast travel is
      possible through a number of stone circles that allows mages to open
      portal from one to another and a system of streams and seas under the
      earth that can be navigated by ship. There were a long period of peace
      curated by the Exoatl (Old Ones) that watched over the world from the
      North and Southpole. But then suddenly new faiths arrived, lots of human
      tribes started to pray to Sigmar and to conquer their neighbouring
      kingdoms. These lands are each independent, but are united in their
      faith to Sigmar. The history ends with the conquering of the Worlds Edge
      mountains and the crowning of the first emperor. At the same time, the
      first agents of Chaos arrived and began to corrupt the native people. A
      part of the Waaghkins rebelled against the old ones in favour of new
      gods, the Skaven arrived the first time, and in the south and east a
      death cult began to spread. The world is in turmoil. There are lots of
      unfinished story hooks so I think the story will be continued, but that
      might be wishful thinking.

      humans are the majority in this world and they have kingdom and tribes
      everywhere, most of the known earth-inspired regions like cathay are
      there, but they are not described as fully flegded feudal nations but
      constantly changing petty empires and nomadic people ruled by warlords
      and champions of the gods. there are two factions of humans, the
      worshippers of sigmar and the polytheistic rest, both are not
      monocultural, but have different skin colors and cultures. Women fight
      beside men!

      The dominion of sigmar is special, because they are the only ones that
      are reluctant to allow any other race than humans. They have only one
      god and their goal is to destroy all other gods and conquer their
      domains - for the greater good of the world of course. This has nothing
      in common with the Empire of the old world, except the heraldry,
      griffons are still en vogue. All tribes and city states and kingdoms are
      independent, the only common ground is their faith, the emperor is only
      a warlord with the purpose to expands the dominion towards the east.
      There a still knightly orders, zealots, witchhunters - so they retain
      some of their medieval flair but there are no state troops. There is no
      gunpowder, except from some dwarven imports, but they are known for
      using large warwaggons on their trek to the east. Kislec, Estalia,
      Araby, city states of Bretonnia, Norse and tribes of the Reiklands are
      part of the dominion. There are also some enclaves scattered across the
      world that are connected with magic portals

      The Skaven arrived on their own on Regalia and are basically the same.
      Haven’t spent much time on them. They have now three gods called the
      triumvi-rat …..

      Dawikorr (dwarfs) and Inneadim (elfs) have their own realms that are
      connected with Regalia. The Inneadim have outposts in America.

      Dawikorr are only a legend on Regalia and nobody has seen them, but
      there are legends that they aid whorshippers of Sigmar in peril. They
      deliver the dominions of Sigmar with artifacts. They live underneath the
      world Karak Korr and guard the Soul Mill. Dawikorr have rules, so they
      can be fielded.

      The Soul Mill is a huge machinery that allows minor deities to feed on
      the power of dead spirits or let them reincarnate or serve them as
      guardian hosts. It was built by the surviving dwarves of the old world
      on command of the Incarnates on a older machinery of the old ones. The
      dwarfs guard the soul mill and are aligned with Sigmar after the
      shattering of the Incarnates, but are under siege of the skaven that
      have found their way on this world and managed to steal two mighty souls
      that formed their new gods.

      Inneadim whorship the dreamers, gods that have dreamt themselves,
      basically the elven gods. They live on their own world and protect the
      dreamchild. Under Araloth they founded enclaves on Regalia in search for
      the archelves, lost gods of their pantheon. They are a darker take on
      the elves, nightmare are as much part of their culture then dreams. They
      use necromancy and the death god Ynnead is at the centre of their
      pantheon. But they still live in symbiosis with the nature. The artwork
      shows an elf on a feathered mount, not like a chocobo, but more like a
      feathered raptor. the artbook shows pictures (and rules) from all
      existing elf armies.

      Skaven and Dawikorr are the only races that use blackpowder, the rest of
      Regalia is on stuck on an ancient/medieval tech level. The Exoatl use
      magic techno gear. There is a certain level of anachronistic gear but it
      is not steampunk but powered by ancient magic. The only steampunk
      elements are in the Skaven and to a lesser extent the neo-dwarven fluff.

      Chaos has no foothold in the north but is anywhere and consists of
      corrupted tribes and companies from every region of the world. The
      barbarian theme of the nomadic tribes is more associated with khorne
      than with chaos as a whole. Beastmen and demons are likely part of their
      faction because they are described in the same chapter (both in the
      fluff and unit cards), but demons can be summoned by everyone, so I
      don’t know for sure. And beastmen have very few pictures, so that’s a
      bad omen.

      Waaghkins: orcs, goblins and are the servants of the old gods and live
      in a strict caste system, orcs are the manual laborers. There is a new
      race called nigmos: a tall and slender priest caste. Waaghkins travel
      the undersea, a system of flooded caverns that connects the whole world,
      on longboats and do the dirty work for the Exoatl. There is an artwork
      of the three different kinds of greenskins (no squigs and snotlings
      mentioned): an ork in very strange armour, very front heavy, textured
      like a symmetric turtle shell, he wields is an axe with multiple disc
      shape blades, goblin looked like a viking but has a futuristic looking
      handgun, the third was taller than a ork, female, slender - probably a
      nigmo. But in the photos of actual miniatures only show the old orc
      style. There is a subfaction of waaghkins that changed allegiance from
      the old gods to grimgor incarnate and are much more ferocious than their

      undeads, deamons and spirits, and guardian hosts are used by every
      faction of the game, necromancy but not summoning is common in the
      dominion of Sigmar. The Inneadim are famous for their use of animated
      constructs. These things are not a big taboo in Regalia. However the
      most fearsome necromancers are (obviously) employed by the Empire of
      Nehekhara (which is not a desolate wasteland and has no egyptian vibe
      but is a rich and green country and feels more babylonian to me) and
      their death gods. But there is no Undead faction per se anymore.
      Vampires are called Necrarchs now.

      Guardians hosts are troops that were granted by a god from another realm
      or the realm of the dead. They are living beings and have free will,
      but were brought to Regalia on the command of a deity.

      - Lizardmen are not gone. There is a race called Servants of the Exoatl
      that guard the pole portals on flying pyramids, but no drawings and no
      fluff page (other races and tribess get at least half a page). They get
      unit cards for their old units (which confirms that they are simply
      lizardmen with a new name), but instead of beautiful pages with pictures
      like the rest of the bunch they get a simple list in the appendix of
      the compendium book.

      Beastmen get the same lowkey treatment, but ogres get pictures and all,
      but I cannot say with which pantheon/faction they align. They are
      mortal, so you can use them in any the guardians of regalia army, but I
      don’t know if this is a stop gap solution or not.
    • Dritter Teil:

      Age of Sigmar box content:

      Extrapolated from the pictures, they are the only new models. If you
      think you get 3-5 UNITS for each side, you are wrong. you get 10-15
      (haven’t counted) CHARACTERS per side. Each model is really individual
      and it is in no way possible to field the majority of them as a visual
      coherent unit. It is late and this summary is long as it is, so I make
      this brief, but I will come back later and add some info on the
      miniatures. Chaos looks very similar to the old style except the
      berserkers, the Sigmarite Force is completely different.

      Missionary Force:

      3 Knights of the Order of Sigmars Blood, Roman looking armour but more
      bulky, leather Bands, swords and teardrop-shaped shields, champion is a

      a pair of vigilantes: Male and female, leathercloaked, tricorn, 2 hand-crossbows

      a hand full of heavy armoured warrior with different weapons and cloaks,
      almost knightly in appearance but completely over the top bulky, some
      have eagleshaped helmets

      One hooded, chainmail wearing, hammer wielding girl

      a bulldog

      standard bearer: naked, chains that are hooked into the flesh, very archaic looking

      one arabic looking guy with a two-handed scimitar and full armour

      one guy in rags that wields a chain that burns at both ends, very impractical looking

      Chaos Cult:

      two outriders, basically chaos barbarians as we know them, but female

      ~5 berserkers: african looking, no armour, barefeet, clad in cloth
      stripes, two axes, bald and gaunt looking, not overly muscular, bone
      chain, both male and female

      three pristesses: flowing robes, sacrifical ziggzagged daggers, skullmasks

      two armoured harpies with spears and shields, crooked looking, feathered wings

      at least five chaos warriors similar in appearance to the old chaos
      warriors, very dynamic fur cloaks and poses, one of them bigger on a
      larger base, all male as far as I could see

      one large bloodletter, almost twice the size of a human

      the leader has armour that looks like a chaos dwarfish, very babylonic,
      rides a demonwolf, a juggernaut, but with flesh and fur and spikes

      some more viking-like infantry but with more chainmail

      That’s only a broad description. Every model is highly individual.

      Sorry for the chaotic nature of the info, I spent the evening writing
      this in a very fast manner. This is only the tip of the iceberg and I
      will come back with a little bit more soon - hopefully in a more ordered
      fashion. If you have a questions or need specifics and a topic, feel
      free to ask, maybe I remember something of use."
    • Sad Panda zu den ellenlangen Gerüchten, die ich oben gepostet habe:

      Those rumours sound cool. Perhaps better than the real thing.

      But the good guys of the starter really are Fantasy Space Marines for
      all intents. And nothing else. Even a bit broader than Space Marines,
      even a bit chubby looking. Models might make reasonable Adeptus Custodes conversions even. And they are all male of course.
    • Hastings bestätigt die ellenlange Beschreibung auch eher als dass er ihr widerspricht:

      Quite a bit of that actually ties in to what I've heard, I wouldn't be so quick to poopoo it.

      I find some of it a bit self conflicting - i.e. only skaven and exdwarves have guns - but then later on mentions goblins do too?

      I wouldn't be too surprised to see a lot of this come to pass.

      Ikitlagriffe sagt auch nicht nein:

      I knew for sure that a "god choice" played a role in the new
      army building, and I didn't speak about this here, except with the
      "Godhammer" naming. So, I tend to believe this guy too. And the comment
      about the archaic design is another proof for me

      Langsam verdichtet es sich.
    • Da mein Hirn bei dem ganzen Englisch irgendwann abschaltet. Gibt es eine kleine Info darüber was in der ersten Box sein wird? Ich denk mal das GW, das System aus 40k benutzen wird und eine kleine Grundbox bringen und dann immer wieder solche Kampagnenboxen mit kleinen Armeen, die nur auf Englisch sein werden. Gibt es dazu Hinweise?
      :thumbsup: Noris Divisionsmeister 2018 :thumbsup:
    • Hier ist es haarklein aufgeführt (habe formatiert, damit es übersichtlicher ist):

      Missionary Force:

      - 3 Knights of the Order of Sigmars Blood
      , Roman looking armour but more bulky, leather Bands, swords and teardrop-shaped shields, champion is a woman

      - 2 vigilantes: Male and female, leathercloaked, tricorn, 2 hand-crossbows

      - a hand full of heavy armoured warrior with different weapons and cloaks, almost knightly in appearance but completely over the top bulky, some have eagleshaped helmets

      - 1 hooded, chainmail wearing, hammer wielding girl

      - 1 bulldog

      - 1 standard bearer
      : naked, chains that are hooked into the flesh, very archaic looking

      - 1 arabic looking guy with a two-handed scimitar and full armour

      - 1 guy in rags that wields a chain that burns at both ends, very impractical looking

      Chaos Cult:

      - 2 outriders, basically chaos barbarians as we know them, but female

      ~ 5 berserkers: african looking, no armour, barefeet, clad in cloth stripes, two axes, bald and gaunt looking, not overly muscular, bone chain, both male and female

      - 3 pristesses: flowing robes, sacrifical ziggzagged daggers, skullmasks

      - 2 armoured harpies with spears and shields, crooked looking, feathered wings

      - at least 5 chaos warriors similar in appearance to the old chaos warriors, very dynamic fur cloaks and poses, one of them bigger on a larger base, all male as far as I could see

      - 1 large bloodletter, almost twice the size of a human
    • Nachdem man ja scheinbar die alten Miniaturen weiter verwenden kann und dies ja im Hinblick auf das Nafl@war im Juli schon vorgeschlagen wurde, stellt sich mir eine Frage. Wie sieht es mit dem Basing aus?

      Einfach das das altbewährte auf eckigen Bases hernehmen? Einen Teil der alten Figuren auf runde Basen stellen? Nur die neuen Miniaturen auf runde und wenn man alte mit dazu nimmt die auf eckigen lassen?
      Bemalte Figuren 2018: 74 (Stand 7.6.2018)
    • Sicher ist nichts, momentan gibt es nur Vermutungen. Im Kern sieht es aber so aus:

      Die neuen Modelle werden einen komplett anderen Style haben. Zwar wirst du im Regelwerk Werte für deine Modelle kriegen, aber es ist nicht garantiert, dass sie zu neuen Truppen dazupassen werden. Du kannst sie also auf jeden Fall spielen, aber ob dles dir gefallen wird, ist eine andere Sache.

      Umbasen würde ich überhaupt nicht. Bei Spielen in lockerer Formation ist die Größe des Bases nicht so wichtig. Das wird erst recht in unserer Spielgruppe nicht für Probleme sorgen. Also kann man in Ruhe mit den alten Modellen das neue System ausprobieren.

      Wenn man sich später für eine AoS Armee entscheidet, würde ich die auf runde Bases stellen, denn die wird man in der Gesamtheit ohnehin nicht für Warhammer einsetzen können. Vielleicht kann man einzelne Charaktere ins stylemäßig für Warhammer hernehmen, aber sicher nicht ganze Armeen.

      Möglich ist momentan aber auch, dass am 11.7. nur eine Einsteigerbox kommt, die noch gar nicht die Möglichkeit bietet, die alten Modelle einzusetzen, weil dort nur ein Einsteigerrefelbuch drin ist, das nicht alle Regeln enthält.