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Did you know…?

Over the years, the Werewolves have run off with essential parts of over 200 of the Champions' Skeletons. In recent seasons, Tomolandry has refused to even play against the Westside team, claiming that he would rather forfeit one game against them than have his entire team decimated for the remainder of the season.

Recently, an archaeologist named Montezuma Smith stumbled across the garden bed in which the Werewolves had buried the coveted bits of Tomolandry's ex-players. Smith immediately turned around and sold his find back to the Champions for a whopping two million Gold Crowns!

The finest of the ex-Champions have been banded together under Tomolandry's star apprentice Jocko O'Maddin to form the Tombstone Terrors, the first Undead touring team. The re-energized Terrors have been taking the opposition to their graves and have been so successful that there are rumours that Tomolandry is thinking of forming an all-Undead league!


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