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'Hungry' Massif Bofine, the Brettonian Minotaur, was the heaviest player ever in a Blood Bowl final, playing for the Middenheim Marauders in 2469. Weighing in at a huge 410lbs, he made an immediate impact on the game by sitting down rather suddenly on the bench in the Dug-Out and catapulting three team-mates out of the arena. After a slow start, he then began a sweeping destruction of anything he could find; three more team-mates were injured, and then he brained the ref with a leg bone he was gnawing when the official got too close. Finally, his appetite got the better of him just as the Marauders looked set to score, and he ate the ball - and the player holding it.

In fact, the only thing he left alone was the Severed Heads team. The explanation for this was that they were all covered in mustard - something Bofine couldn't stand. The Heads won 3-0.


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