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Did you know…?

That Bob Bifford has been suspended from commentating the opening game of the season for 'excessive violence'. That's right fans, he was a guest commentator at the Sticky Bun trophy last year between the Greenfield Grasshuggers and Bluebay Crammers, he made a passing comment that the stadium lacked 'a nice pair of tasty buns' and the place erupted!

As the Halflings rioted upon hearing there were no buns for sale, the whole of Altdorf was shaken to the core as Halfings tore down bakeries and sweet shops in protest. When the calm settled there were 74 fatalities (including 4 shop keepers and a baker), Bob Bifford was ordered by the NAF to serve a suspension of the first game and pay the effected shopkeepers a large portion of his first match pay of the season (which rumours say comes in at a 6 figure sum!).

Bifford only commented that he'd never commentate another Sticky Bun trophy as he 'couldn't even get me 'ands on a pair of juicy melons after the game'... Presumably the Halflings got the greengrocers as well.

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