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Did you know…?

Of course, if you play in any league but the NAF, then you can never take hold of the most famous trophy of them all - the Blood Bowl. But some other leagues offer some impressive awards. The Barfleys Albion League Champion receives a golden cup, studded with diamonds and crusted with emeralds. Since it was stolen in 2415, it has been replaced by a temporary tin replica. The Worlds Edge League offers the winning team's owner the right to command Dwarven armies in the field for a year. The Halfling-dominated Moot League has a different trophy every year - its always edible. Only the 'Obgod Tribal Leeg doesn't have a trophy, since its pointless to try and arrange for two Goblin teams and a trophy to be in the same place at the same time.


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    NAFL@war - 08/2018

    Dienstag, 07.08.2018 bei tbd
    Start: tbd

    - @Addico v @Bob : STAR WARS Legion
    - @PumpkinBrother v @Surion : STAR WARS Legion
    - @big_be v @wulfgar : X-Wing
    - @Pauli + @Ugolch v @Prince : Warhammer 40.000

    Auf der Suche nach einem Gegner:
    - @Cliquer ( BB | DB | FF | RS | SS )

    "Warm Up": t.b.d.

    ASBH: Advanced Song Of Blades and Heroes
    BA: Bolt Action
    BB: Blood Bowl
    DB: Dreadball
    DBA: De Bellis Antiquitatis
    DW: Demonworld
    FF: Freebooter's Fate
    FoW: Flames Of War
    GB: Guild Ball
    IA:S: Star Wars - Imperial Assault: Skirmish
    MtG: Magic the Gathering
    RS: Rumbleslam
    SS: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadepire
    SWL: Star Wars Legion
    WH40K: Warhammer 40.000
    WHFB: Warhammer Fantasy Battles
    XW: X-Wing

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