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Did you know…?

That this seasons big name signing was Half Orc - Dravik Break'em. He went from the Marauders to the Raiders for a whopping 250,000 gold in the summer after a massive bustup with the Marauders head coach.

Break'ems passing talents had become legendary and his ability to pinpoint an open receiver from 70 paces helped the Marauders to reach the Mithril Spike Semi finals last year. The Raiders have been desperately needing a chucker since the retirment of Grishnak Goblinthrottler a few years back.

Of course, where Dravik Break'em goes, so does his wife - the Witch Elf - Hak'tore'ea Break'em with her.. errr... singing 'talents' that she insists on subjecting the local populance to. Still, she should find a bunch of Snotlings in the Orcland swamps a nice audience.


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