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Did you know…?

It's an expensive business setting up an NAF franchise. Valhalar Galante, who in 2648 combined the Dar-Ellerath Beechtrees and the Ashvale Valar to form the Elfheim Eagles, was a master of the art of financing a new team. Foreclosing on a mortgage and engineering a successful hostile takeover (non-accountants would call it a war) gave him controlling interest in both teams. He bought the Vale Arena from a thrid Elven team following the collapse of an Elven insurance cartel.

He then sold his most experienced players to another new Elven team (the Gladiators), auctioned off both of the other stadiums (which were converted into open-air markets) and hired Perellian Ashblade to build a strong, young team. Finally, he spared no expense in acquiring a powerful mage to act as the team 'masseur'.

Despite these tremendous outlays of cash, Galante recovered it all when he bet 200,000 GCs on the Eagles to beat Nurgle's Rotters in Blood Bowl XX. He got 15-1 odds, and the rest is history (and totally tax-free).


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