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Did you know…?

It's an unfortunate part of the game, but there has been a trend recently for teams to abuse the rules concering Violence Towards A Player Who Is Injured. As you know, attacking a fallen player is strictly prohibited (for all the difference it makes...). However certain players with reputations for killing the opposition have become very frustrated at not being able to claim fallen skeletons as Kills For and have taken to reducing the bones to powder as proof of the kill. Grimwold Grimbreath was sent off last year for spending twenty minutes atomising a Champions' Lineman (which led to him increasing his Referees Killed tally by 3 in protest). Of course it isn't always possible to tell skeletons apart, so we can't tell if Tomolandry is still able to piece them togehter or not. As long as he keeps quiet on the subject, NAF statisticians are going to ocntinue to be in confusion.

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