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Did you know…?

That the highly anticipated Artic Cragspiders vs. Norsca Rampagers match was sadly abandoned after only three minutes? As the Cragspiders recieved the ball from the opening kickoff and started to make there way down the pitch, the unthinkable happened as a polar bear ran onto the icey pitch!

But that wasn't what caused the match to be abandoned. Quickly following the polar bear in hot (cold?) pursuit was a flock of angry, angry penguins. As the penguins ran onto the pitch they pecked at everyone and anyoen standing nearby, the only player to come out unscathed was the Cragspiders star Minotaur Stamphoof Horngore.

When asked afterwards how he was the only player to come out unscathed, a rather frozen and tooth chattering Stamphoof replied "I just p-p-picked up a penguin and ate it...". Stamphoof currently leads this seasons Penguin Fatality list.


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