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Did you know…?

What chance do the Halflings have of ever fielding a Blood Bowl side? What chance do they stand of ever even winning their division?

To understand the answer, you need to understand how the NAF league organises the fixtures schedule. The 40 teams are grouped into their two conferences and eight divisions, but they can play any other NAF team during the season. So long as they complete exactly 16 fixtures (by complete we just mean arrange... at least twenty games a season are forfeited when one team doesn't turn up), each team can play anyone it likes so long as it plays each team in its division at least once (that's each other team, Hobgoblin fans!) and doesn't play any team more than twice. Actually this rule is often waived. As the Dwarf Giants would put it, "when we get to them for the third time, they ain't the same team".

Fixtures are organised at a pre-season meeting of the owners. Each brings 16 team socks (or other apparel, in the case of Halflings) to be exchanged for the other teams socks in a frantic meeting. As you might expect, ambitious teams try to arrange a fixture schedule against the weakest opponents possible, which makes the Hobgoblin Team, the Rats and the three Halfling teams very popular. Another consideration is the attractiveness of the opposition; a game agains the Cowboys always draws the fans! Bribes, violence and magic are used to influence the swapping of these socks, and the meeting often lasts for several days until any manager can leave with his sixteen opponents mapped out.

After years of receiving weighty bribes (some of which couldn't be eaten), last season the Stunted Stoutfellows managed to get themselves a fixture list which included three games against the Hobgoblin Team, two against the Scarcrag Snivellers and one against the Rats. They won 5 games - matching the club record - and came fourth in their division! Scale that up three or four times, and you can see how they could become a mighty force in the AFC west in three or four decades.


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    NAFL@war - 08/2018

    Dienstag, 07.08.2018 bei tbd
    Start: tbd

    - @Addico v @Bob : STAR WARS Legion
    - @PumpkinBrother v @Surion : STAR WARS Legion
    - @big_be v @wulfgar : X-Wing
    - @Pauli + @Ugolch v @Prince : Warhammer 40.000

    Auf der Suche nach einem Gegner:
    - @Cliquer ( BB | DB | FF | RS | SS )

    "Warm Up": t.b.d.

    ASBH: Advanced Song Of Blades and Heroes
    BA: Bolt Action
    BB: Blood Bowl
    DB: Dreadball
    DBA: De Bellis Antiquitatis
    DW: Demonworld
    FF: Freebooter's Fate
    FoW: Flames Of War
    GB: Guild Ball
    IA:S: Star Wars - Imperial Assault: Skirmish
    MtG: Magic the Gathering
    RS: Rumbleslam
    SS: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadepire
    SWL: Star Wars Legion
    WH40K: Warhammer 40.000
    WHFB: Warhammer Fantasy Battles
    XW: X-Wing

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