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It has often been asked, what do sponsors gain from deals with Blood Bowl teams? At its simplest, a sponsorship deal may just entitle the sponsors to free tickets to their team's games - and they can be as valuable as diamonds if that team makes the playoffs. In other cases, sponsors pin their hopes on getting extra business through being associated with with a successful team - that was certainly what Wolf Runner Coaches hoped for when they signed a big deal with the Icecastle Wolves (and what a dissapointment they must have had...).

But most sponsors are just fans of the world's greatest game. As one businessman put it: "When you've been killing the opposition all week in the office, it's good to look forward to a night of entertainment you can take the whole family to". That's why the big-money sponsors will pay thousands of Crowns, just as the Metalworkers Guild did to the Dwarf Warhammerers this season. As one spokesman put it: "Maybe we're just as crazy as they are!".


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