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Did you know…?

That in the classic 2466 season, a Blood Bowl semi-final match between the Vynheim Valkyries (now the Norsca Rampagers) and the Dwarf Warhammerers was abandoned with 12 seconds remaining to be played! The Valkyries were 2-1 up, with two players left on the field, it looked inevitable that the Warhammerers would get a tying score and take the game into overtime, until...

'Singed' Whiskers McDaniel of the Warhammerers, infuriated that two Valkyries remained, brought out a flame thrower onto the packed ice pitch to finally remove them. Despite pleas from the Valkyries, Fans, Ref and even his own team, he let rip with a burst of flame.

As the referee (and Valkyries, fans and Warhammerers) sank to the bottom of the ice cold sea, the last thing that could be heard was the signal of an abandoned game from his whistle.

The NAF had no option but to award the match to the Valkyries, who went on to face the Champions of Death in the final with many key players at the bottom of the North sea. The Champs ran away with the match, easily winning 3-0.


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